Playlist for The Frog's Bottle

Play These Songs While Reading The Frog's Bottle

With the upcoming release of The Frog's Bottle, I have put together a playlist of songs! These are the songs I played the most while writing The Frog's Bottle. Listen to them in any order, and happy reading! And if my music isn't your thing, that's alright! I'd encourage you to make a playlist of music you enjoy! 

"I Still See Your Face" - San Holo

"Souvenirs" - JERAN

"Too Late" - Minke

"Stay Here" - ASKYA (I listened to this on repeat while writing Chapter 30: Bad Company.)

"Lost In The Woods" - Enjune

"Heart So Big" - Matoma, A R I Z O N A

"The Light In Your Eyes" - LeAnn Rimes

"SNAP" - Rosa Linn

"Easy Life" - Roman Muller, Gina Livia

"I'm Alive" - Celine Dion

"Afterlife" - Illenium feat. Echos

"Wild Horses" - Birdy (Obviously a huge song for me, as I named Chapter 24 after it.)

"Hotel" - Montell Fish

"Still Don't Know My Name" - Labrinth

"Live A Little" - BONNIE X CLYDE, Joysic

"Lipstick on a Champagne Flute" - Jay Warren, if found Remix

"Alaska" - Maggie Rogers

"Freeze" - Kygo (This is the theme song for this book! Seriously, I played it four million times while writing!)

"Life Line" - Dart Party, Govales

"Electric Touch" - A R I Z O N A, Midnight Kids
"If These Walls Could Talk - Words on Bathroom Walls" - The Chainsmokers

"Lose My Mind" - Kuren

"Castles" - Freya Ridings, Sam Feldt Remix

"Dancing Next To Me" - Greyson Chance, Syn Cole Remix

"Past Lives" - Borns

"Feel Good" - Illenium feat. Daya

"The Cure" - Lady Gaga

"Sweet Nothing" - Calvin Harris feat. Florence Welch

"Forever" - Labrinth

"Burned By The Love" - Juke Ross, James Carter

"Never Felt A Love Like This" - Galantis, Hook N Sling, Dotan

"Wild Love" - James Bay, Jonas Blue

"Shake It Out" - Florence + The Machine

"Take It Slow" - GHSTWRLD, Metaxas

"My Type" - The Chainsmokers, Emily Warren

"Alien Superstar" - Beyonce


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