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One Year Sober

 Charles III's Three Truths Of Sobriety Wow. I cannot believe I am typing the words "one year sober." For real, y'all, I never thought I'd make it to a year sober. You see, previously, I could not get past the three-month mark. Ever. Ever.  I've made it to three months several times, but never found the oomph to keep going. I'd look around, wondering what the hell I was doing sober, and grab a bottle. And that's only if I'd made it to the three-month mark. For I spent most of my efforts remaining sober only three or four days, followed by a long and wretched relapse. I spent my twenties and early thirties constantly relapsing. Constantly hating myself. Constantly festering with guilt and shame. Sounds lovely, eh? It was a friggin' nightmare. I don't have to live that way anymore, though. I don't choose to live that way anymore, either. That way is treacherous and smothering. It's vile and dark. But it's not wrong, and neither ar

Making Amends For Your Addictive Behavior

How I Said "I'm Sorry" To Those I Hurt In My Alcoholism As I near my one-year mark of sobriety, I am amazed at the number of relationships I have repaired in a relatively short amount of time. Perhaps a year doesn't seem that long, but when you consider I spent 11 of them in debauchery, it might help give you some perspective. How, you may ask? Well, I recently asked myself the exact same question. How did I repair so many relationships over the course of a year, without constantly chirping "I'm sorry?" Upon breaking it down, I realized I uttered those words maybe twice in my repair. For they no longer held any meaning, coming from me. I had worn out their power years ago. So, without consciously knowing it, I found other ways of expressing remorse and regret for the unsettling behavior of my past. I showed up for my family and friends, sober, and stayed present. It would not do to say sorry, or offer an elaborate explanation of my actions. Rather, remai