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The Elusive Act Of Self-Love

 How I Found & Kept Self-Love I recently recorded an episode for Pen To Paper Press, a Podcast regarding authors, editors, and publishing in general, and we found ourselves discussing the importance of self-love. While I've mentioned, and sometimes elaborated on self-love, I've never put it in the spotlight, so I mean to do that now. Because, you know, it's only the most important aspect of building a beautiful life. It wasn't until I discovered self-love that I even knew I was missing out on it. You see, through all of my years of drinking and visiting facilities, I genuinely thought I had massive amounts of self-love. I had to, otherwise I wouldn't have frequented so many states and institutions. I had to love myself, for there was the proof: he won't give up on himself. But this wasn't true self-love. This was my survival instinct, patches of self-love, and sheer stubbornness. The tiniest little flame within me refused to let alcohol win, and I am f

A Post For Those Just Finishing My Memoir

Did you randomly come across my memoir? Who is this Charlie Gray dude? Why did he write a memoir? I am so humbled by the response to my story, and would like to take the time to explain a few questions I've received regarding my journey. Q: Why did you spend so much time on Palm Beach Retreat and Reflections? Over the last 11 years, the only time I had true sobriety was in a detox or rehab. I don't count my stints in psychiatric wards, as I was quite adept at manipulating the doctors and nurses for pills I didn't need. Detox and rehab were the only places I found sobriety, and my time spent in those facilities felt like years. Because I was sober. Because I was contained. Because I was forced to come face-to-face with the depravity of my actions. Also, I learned some of my most valuable lessons, experienced some of the most impactful moments of my life, and formed some of my greatest friendships during my visits to rehab. I am not ashamed of rehab, and clearly I support i