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Discovering My Vision

That Moment When I Stumbled Upon My Life's Purpose These last couple of years have gifted me the most amazing epiphanies and insights, “light bulb” moments that have truly altered my perception of myself and the world around me. I am beyond grateful I was able to put the bottle aside and focus on myself, otherwise these dizzying realizations may never have come to fruition. One by one, they gathered in my subconscious, quietly and methodically creating a vision that would end up blowing my mind. What is this vision, you may ask? It’s quite simple, really: my vision is to build a home. A safe space of my own, in which I may grow old and write my stories. A sturdy haven, where I may find respite and appreciation, where I may stay in tune with the best vibrations life has ready for me. At first, I was surprised when I realized this was my ultimate dream, my goal above anything else, my vision. Surely, I’d want to write a   New York Times   Best Seller, or sell my story to Netflix. Or