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Playlist for The Frog's Bottle

Play These Songs While Reading The Frog's Bottle With the upcoming release of The Frog's Bottle , I have put together a playlist of songs! These are the songs I played the most while writing The Frog's Bottle . Listen to them in any order, and happy reading! And if my music isn't your thing, that's alright! I'd encourage you to make a playlist of music you enjoy!  "I Still See Your Face" - San Holo "Souvenirs" - JERAN "Too Late" - Minke "Stay Here" - ASKYA ( I listened to this on repeat while writing Chapter 30: Bad Company. ) "Lost In The Woods" - Enjune "Heart So Big" - Matoma, A R I Z O N A "The Light In Your Eyes" - LeAnn Rimes "SNAP" - Rosa Linn "Easy Life" - Roman Muller, Gina Livia "I'm Alive" - Celine Dion "Afterlife" - Illenium feat. Echos "Wild Horses" - Birdy ( Obviously a huge song for me, as I named Chapter 24 after it.) "