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What Is Surrendering?

Oh, That Time I Sat On My Bed & Cried? Yeah, that was an epic emotional meltdown mid-morning not too long ago. And before this very important, very defining moment, I thought I understood what it meant to surrender. Honestly, I thought I already had surrendered several  months ago. And sure, parts of me had. I'd dropped a few pesky, damaging behaviors. I felt lighter and fresh. Little did I know that I'd yet to truly break free, to truly surrender. It began very simply, just an ordinary day. I was pilfering around my apartment, tidying a bit before heading to work, when a profound sense of sadness overwhelmed me. To be candid, this was after my book was published, in mid-September. I felt dizzy with remorse and guilt, yet had no idea why . My body turned clammy, my heart rate increased, and my ears began to ring. What in the actual hell was happening? I took a few deep breaths and decided the wisest move would be to slow down and unravel this emotional landslide. There was