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Reflections of A Sober 2022

 Aren't years spent sober just better all around?! What a year! Not only did I remained sober, but I published a short story,  It Happened One EDC , traveled to Switzerland and France, published my second quit lit memoir,  The Frog's Bottle , welcomed the birth of my nephew, celebrated my great-granny's 104th birthday, and continued of my journey of spiritual enlightenment and enjoyment. I am beyond grateful to have built a life of such purpose and prosperity, and I'd like to share a few lessons I learned along the way. Time is the great healer. Mindfulness is key. Positive self-talk is absolutely powerful. Green tea makes you feel better. Chocolate chip cookies are way better than vodka. Reading is safe escapism. Travel fuels my soul. Music is healing.  Relapse isn't the end. Nature is calming. Drinking lots of water makes you feel better. Sobriety is challenging, but worth it. Family is precious. I am worthy.