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Oh, The Podcasts!

 The Sober, Gay Podcaster I have been so amazingly fortunate to be able to share my sobriety journey, and my writing journey, on several podcasts. And honestly, y'all, I am so proud of these accomplishments! After publishing my memoir, I knew the best way to get its name out there was through podcasts. I love them, you love them, we all love them! And, wow, there are some incredible addiction recovery podcasts out there! This list covers podcasts that mention my book, and my episodes as a Guest! And you don't have to listen to just my episodes! Listen to many episodes! Each podcast is truly unique, and approaches addiction, sobriety, and relapse in varying formats. Also, these links will route you to Spotify, but every podcast is available wherever you like to enjoy them (Apple Podcasts, Google, etc.)! I have a couple more podcast episodes coming out in the near future, and will update this list accordingly! Have fun listening, y'all! The Sobriety Diaries The Courage to Ch