Charlie & The Frog

A Quit Lit Trilogy for Alcoholics, Addicts, and Those Who Love Them

It all started with a little memoir called At Least I'm Not The Frog, which I began writing in late 2020. I still remember typing up a storm on those first few pages, discovering the joy of writing and exploring my relationship with addiction. At the time, I simply wanted to tell my story, and hadn't thought any further than that.

It was around October of 2021 that an idea struck me: why not write a trilogy of quit lit memoirs? Everything is a franchise nowadays, so why not have addiction and sobriety represented as well? What an exciting moment! While I didn't know the specifics of what I would write, I absolutely knew the message I wanted to convey!

You see, as I'm sure you've gathered by now, it is very important to me that others suffering from addiction, whether it be themselves or a loved one, do not feel alone and wrong. Those two words are the bane of my existence! They're awful, terrible words to feel, and I genuinely do despise their power. So, I'm remedying that as best I can, by pouring my heart out through my trilogy, Charlie & The Frog. By sharing my highs and lows, I aim to provide others with solace and comfort during their most terrible of hours.

Because believe me, you are not alone. You are not wrong. You can recover. And I believe in you.

At Least I'm Not The Frog: A Zany Memoir of Alcoholism & Recovery is available on Amazon now.

The Frog's Bottle: A Zany Recollection of Relapse & Rehab is available on Amazon now.

The Frog No More: A Zany Observation of Sober Life is available on Amazon now.


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